Saturday, April 23, 2016

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Star Trek: Pioneers
Seven episodes, following a new crew and new Insignia class starship, the USS Pioneer. During a routine mission of exploration, the Federation discovers a gateway to the other side of the galaxy finding a whole new frontier waiting to be discovered. The USS Pioneer is the forerunner in the exploration of this new area of space, and all the dangers, new enemies, old friends, and mysteries it has to offer.

The work of Kevin Cho, started in 2003 at the tender age of 14, originally working with Chris Edmund (ST: Morning Star) as part of 'Starship Independence Audio Studios' then as 'Starship Napoli Audio Studios', 'Independence Audio Productions', 'Pioneer Audio Productions' until he finally became part of the Darker Projects stable of audio dramas in March 2005. The last episode, 'The Forgotten War, Part 2' was released in January 2006. Not to be confused with the fan fiction series, Star Trek: Pioneer by Travis Cannon.
1: New Frontiers, Part 1 Jul 26 2004, 10.4 MB

2: New Frontiers, Part 2 9/11/04, 12.3 MB

3: New Frontiers, Part 3 28/12/04, 18.8 MB

4.1: Bold Venture, Part 1 30/03/05, 19.3 MB

4.2: Bold Venture, Part 2 30/03/05, 14.8 MB

5: Fate & Sacrifice Unreleased

6: The Forgotten War, Part 1 16/08/05, 36 MB

7: The Forgotten War, Part 2 1/01/06, 33.7 MB

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