Saturday, April 23, 2016

100px added to main block

Playing around with this duplicate of your template under <Template> and <html> I opened the hidden lines under line 7 and found that it is "Minima Black" dated 26 Feb 2004 - congratulations, Barb, your Blog template is old enough to go to High School! ('v')

Using the instructions on Choozurmobile "Modify Blog Widths, For Old and New Blogger Templates" <>

Given that "Main Wrapper + Side Wrapper + Margin = Outer Wrapper"
Which (from line 142 onwards) is "410 + 220 + xxxx = 660
and that I didn't want to change side wrapper or margin, I intially tried increasing the main wrapper and the Outer wrapper by 100px each - ie adding about 1/4 to the main wrapper.

and it worked!

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