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Draft Blog 184 Star Trek 'Toy' movies

184 Star Trek: Enterprise (Season 4) has been moved to

Star Trek: The Toy Movies

Star Trek movies as you've never seen them before!

This series of videos on YouTube is produced using action figures with simple cgi accompanying the official readalong book. Probably by a Vietnamese producer.


The Adventures Of The USS Infinity

Made by the same producer of the later, "Star Trek The Toy Movie" series, this was subtitled, 'Star Trek: The Tour'. During Star Trek: The Tour's first stop in Long Beach, CA, during 2008 he and his sister decided to make the most of the experience by creating their own fan film, shot directly on set at The Tour. Utilizing the model, hallway, Enterprise-D bridge, engineering room, sickbay and transporter room as backdrops, he wrote a short script tailored to the setting and to the images actually displayed on the bridge's viewscreen. With a little editing, very little special effects, and kung-fu-styled dubbing, this is was released as 'Episode 1'.

Their subsequent videos, episodes 2 and 3 in Jan/Feb 2009, must have been subject to a music copyright infringement and (as at Aug 2017) episode 2 is blocked as 'not available in your country' and episode 3 has no sound! The producer corrected this in Jun 2016 by releasing a special edition which takes up where episode 1 leaves off. With all new scenes, a merge of the 2008 video with 2013 and 2015 video from the Star Trek Exhibition in Taiwan and extra video to replace previous green screens, it has new royalty free music courtesy of Kevin McLeod.

Episode 1.
Mar 31, 2008. (9:15)

Jan 09, 2014. (12:04)


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Voyages of the USS Angeles

The continuing adventures of the USS Angeles

A second season in audio of the classic fan film series that kick-started Star Trek Hidden Frontier before Kickstarter was invented! For the details of that first series, see Star Trek Reviewed Blog 105. Facebook.

ANG.2.01. Duty's Betrayal
The USS Angeles is dispatched to the distant Gamma Quadrant on a joint mission with the Dominion to retrieve a cometary substance which may prove useful in protecting the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from another Archein invasion... but things in the comet fields soon go awry.... Web 


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